Our Story

The HR Planner journey started back in 2002. As part of the Index eBusiness family, HR Planner was the natural development of two of our sister services, HOST100, an SME hosting provider and Leave Planner, a dedicated absence management solution.

HR Planner was created to fill a gap in the HR management software market in the UK, by combining our knowledge of SMEs, listening to the needs of our LeavePlanner clients and leveraging our understanding of online security.

There are many HR management tools out there, but most offer too much functionality for the needs of an SME. The result is that they can be intimidating and difficult to use.

The HR Planner team wanted to develop a tool that combined our industry-leading absence management app with those essential functions and features that are applicable to all SMEs.

The result is our HR management software dedicated to the needs of SMEs. No more. No less.

Oh, and did we mention our amazing customer support? It has been the bedrock of our growth over the years.

So unlike many tech companies, if you have a question or need some support, as well as being able to email or live chat us, you can give us a call and one of our UK-based team will be happy to help.

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