Employee Wellbeing

Create a happy, healthy and motivated workforce. HR Planner equips UK SMEs with the tools and confidence needed to manage health and wellbeing in the workplace, helping to tackle the stigma and support open communication.

Show your team that you care

Valuing your employees’ wellbeing doesn’t just mean you’re creating a healthier and more engaged team. You’re also laying down the building blocks to boost productivity and retention. HR Planner can support you with everything from custom wellbeing surveys to secure storage for wellness resources, as well as the ability to create custom leave types, such as duvet days.

Understand leave-related trends or issues

Absence comes in all shapes and sizes, but HR Planner is here to help you keep on top of it. From leave summaries to Bradford Factor overviews, our handy absence management and reports modules help you to flag patterns in unplanned sick days so that efficient action can be taken to support employees before issues get out of hand.

Benefits of HR Planner for employee wellbeing…

Actionable insights

Find out how your employees are really feeling through our customisable surveys with a wide range of question formats.

Reduce absenteeism

Create a work environment that makes wellbeing a priority to encourage healthy habits and reduce illness and absenteeism.

Boost staff retention

Implement a wellbeing framework that can significantly increase job satisfaction and create a strong sense of loyalty among employees.

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