Employee Surveys

Involve your team, understand their challenges and adapt your organisation for success. With HR Planner’s employee surveys, you can discover how your employees feel throughout their journey and pinpoint areas for improvement to help you move forward.

A smarter way to engage your team

Every survey can be customised with a range of basic single and multi-line input fields, checkboxes, dropdown lists, Booleans and radio groups, as well as matrix questionnaires, Likert scales, file uploads, HTML embeds and more!

Keep on top of wellbeing

Get an insight into the experiences of your employees and identify what is needed to help them thrive. Our employee surveys will also allow you to recognise any areas of concern so that actions can be implemented to create a healthier workplace.

Boost employee retention

From onboarding to exit surveys, you can use our HR software to uncover the feelings of your employees throughout their tenure. Close the gap between your current culture and how your team views their workplace to ensure they stay and flourish.

Benefits of our employee surveys

Tailored to them

Conditional logic and branching means you can personalise each employee’s experience based on their previous responses.

Measurable feedback

Measure engagement, satisfaction and more with our wide range of question formats and handy customisation features.

Actionable insights

Identify trends, understand your strengths and discover weaknesses. Detailed reports give you a holistic view of how your employees feel.

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