TLC Business


TLC Business are a Hampshire-based outsourced marketing company, focused on supporting SMEs with everything from lead generation to graphic design.


Over the years, the team had tried various different HR platforms to manage their processes, but found that they weren’t very intuitive and didn’t cover areas such as expenses and company documentation.

When researching the market in search of a new provider, they came across many that looked promising but seemed to offer huge amounts of functionality that the company didn’t need. Additionally, the features that were of use were typically offered as expensive add-ons.


After coming across HR Planner online, TLC got in touch with us to explain their position and help us to better understand their needs. We organised a demo to give them a whistle stop tour of the software, followed by a 14-day free trial to allow the team to put it to the test themselves.

They were immediately impressed by HR Planner’s range of core features, which have been designed with small businesses like TLC in mind, and found the platform much easier to navigate than with previous providers.

Once their free trial was complete, we had a chat about their experience and answered any questions that came up before HR Planner was given the green light from the team. Within the day they were signed up and ready to move over!


TLC Business are thrilled to have a simple and cost-effective system like HR Planner in place now. All their company data is stored in an easily accessible format, while staff have found submitting holiday and expenses a breeze. With customisable dashboards and unlimited widgets, each user has been able to tailor their HR Planner experience to their preferences, giving them the opportunity to see just the information they need.

If for any reason a member of the team has any questions or difficulties, they are able to get in touch with us over the phone, on email or via live chat on our website, where we are on hand to resolve queries promptly.

“Without a dedicated HR department in the business, it was incredibly important that we found a system that would help us to easily manage all our processes in one place, with minimal administration required. Since we implemented HR Planner, we’ve reduced the time we spend on HR by at least 40%, and what’s even better is that it’s half the price of the software we were using before!”  

Heather Marshall, Administrator at TLC Business