Common HR challenges and how to resolve them

In the world of SMEs, there is always a lot to juggle – and your HR is certainly no exception. This area of the business is notorious for throwing up a new challenge every day, which can often lead to deadlines being missed and to-do lists that seem to have no end in sight.

The good news is that with a solution like HR Planner, many of these common HR challenges can be a thing of the past! Stick around as we share an insight into some of the most prevalent issues in this blog.

Lack of time

A big issue for SMEs can be simply not having enough hours in the day to manage all HR tasks successfully.

The solution here lies in an industry-leading all-in-one system that allows you to take care of all your HR obligations quickly and efficiently. With HR Planner, all outstanding tasks are highlighted in your personal dashboard, while real-time notifications help you to keep on top of everything from leave requests to personal data changes. What’s more, our software has been designed with self-service in mind, meaning your team are encouraged to take control of their experience on the platform.

Unsustainable practices

Many companies are seeking to move away from unsustainable practices and become more environmentally friendly. Going paperless is a great way to achieve this.

Switching to a digital HR solution negates the need for paper forms – whether that be for leave requests or employee contracts, for example – with all information accessible online 24/7.

Retaining talent

Landing top talent is one thing, but retaining them in the long term brings a new set of HR challenges for organisations. Employees are looking for more than just generous pay packages – they want to feel valued and appreciated by their employers.

One of the most effective ways to reduce your employee turnover is to focus on health and wellbeing. HR Planner will help your organisation to promote this through:

  • Insightful reports – By identifying patterns in sick leave or unspecified absence, you can put measures in place that resolve any ongoing concerns or problems your employees may be having.
  • Personal & professional development – Our built-in skills management module makes it easy to stay on top of your team’s qualifications and gives you a holistic view of strengths and weaknesses as an organisation. You can use this information to identify appropriate training programmes to boost the skill set of your employees.
  • Unlimited document storage – Create handy resources for your team to promote the importance of their health and wellbeing. These can be stored in HR Planner and accessed at the touch of a button.

Poor user experience

Systems that are either too complicated or not up to the job can be hugely frustrating for your team to get to grips with and are detrimental to your organisation’s productivity. In fact, research has shown that employees are wasting around 26 hours per week through the use of poor HR tools!

HR Planner has been designed with user experience in mind. Our software is easy to use and offers great customisation options, giving users the opportunity to personalise their HR Planner experience.

Compliance with changing laws and regulations

It can be a huge challenge to stay compliant with ever-changing laws, regulations and requirements.

You can use insights from HR Planner’s skills management module to identify any gaps in knowledge and organise the relevant training to ensure full compliance. All skills can be marked with expiration dates, which you will be promptly notified of to allow enough time to get these renewed.

Insufficient staffing levels

Becoming short-staffed at the last minute is a big headache for HR teams.

A comprehensive absence management solution is key here, and will mean you can stay on top of leave without the need for complicated spreadsheets. Our planner module allows you to monitor leave and absence across your whole organisation, giving you an instant view of who is off and when.

Additionally, our innovative low cover protection feature gives you the option to define a minimum number of employees to be working on any given day. This protection can be defined against companies, locations, departments or roles, meaning you’ll never be left short-handed.

Employee burnout

Employee burnout has become a common issue in today’s fast-paced and demanding workplaces, leaving a significant impact on physical and emotional wellbeing.

A positive way to help prevent this is by encouraging staff to take regular leave. HR Planner’s self-service functionality makes booking time off quick and easy, and automatically keeps track of much annual leave each employee has remaining. This helps to promote time off to give your employees the opportunity to recharge their batteries.

Take the weight of managing your organisation’s HR off your mind with HR Planner. Try a free 14 day trial today. For more information on the latest features, call our expert team on 01252 63 60 70 or email