Feature Focus: A dive into our customisable dashboards

As we continue our Feature Focus series, next up in the spotlight are our customisable dashboards, which have been designed to give you the insights you need, when you need them.

Dashboards customised for each user

With HR Planner you benefit from not just one, but two dashboards. These are the main ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Employee Overview’, which can be easily customised for every user.

Main dashboard

The Dashboard screen is the first screen you see when you login and is designed to provide you with a quick overview of the information that is important to you.

It provides an organisational overview where you can easily add different widgets to view information of specific employees, employee roles, departments or the whole company, depending on the data available to your assigned access roles.

Employee overview

In comparison, the Employee Overview screen lets you see data for a specific employee. You can still customise the widgets to a layout that you prefer.

The idea behind the two customisable dashboards is that you define what information you want to see when you first login (the Dashboard) and then also define what information you want to see when you bring up an employee record (Employee Overview).

Benefits of HR Planners customisable dashboards

Easy to use

Whether you’re an employee, manager or administrator, HR Planner will make your life easier! Each user’s dashboard can be easily customised, so you can have your own view to see the exact information you need.

View insights instantly

Say goodbye to endlessly searching for information; instead you can conveniently access the insights you need at a glance. With HR Planner you can get the latest information from any device to ensure you always stay informed.

Simple to understand

HR Planner’s extensive range of widgets display data in a format that is easy to understand, making the headache of managing HR tasks, like leave and absence, a thing of the past!

Personalise to suit you

Make your dashboard truly your own. You can choose from a range of colours to personalise your dashboard as you like. With the simple drag and drop functionality, you can change the widgets displayed to create an easy to use and productive space.

What widgets are available?

Employee summary

Keep on top of how much leave is used and remaining with the Employee Summary widget.

It’s a great tool to help encourage staff to take their annual leave regularly, as this is proven to boost wellbeing and productivity. It will also prevent a last minute surge of holiday requests at the end of the holiday year, which can become difficult to manage.

Upcoming leave

Don’t get caught out by your staff’s planned leave creeping up on you! Upcoming leave can be viewed company-wide, by department, by employee role or specific employee, to give you time to arrange any necessary cover and avoid becoming short staffed.

Upcoming birthdays

Make your valued staff feel special and never miss a birthday again with this handy upcoming birthday reminder, exclusively available in the ‘Dashboard’.

Outstanding tasks

So you’re not left feeling overwhelmed by a mountain of tasks, HR Planner has got you covered. You’ll receive instant notifications whenever leave or expenses need approval, keeping you in the loop and helping you stay on top of leave and expense requests as they come in.

Leave charts

Leave charts are a fantastic way to keep on top of leave at a glance. They include:

Leave Comparison: A year-on-year leave comparison, to help you identify recurring trends and arrange any necessary cover during popular holiday periods.

Leave Progress: See how much holiday has been taken or booked across the company, by department, by employee role or just specific employees, to encourage regular time off and prevent masses of unmanageable last minute holiday requests.

Leave Chart: An easy way to view your individual holiday allowance and keep on top of how many days you have remaining, so you can make the most of your time off.

Upcoming skill expirations

See when certificates need renewing and keep yours and your teams’ skills up to date, to stay ahead in your industry.

Note: Each widget can be added multiple times to cover different data sets. For example, you could have an Upcoming Leave widget for a specific department, alongside a second Upcoming Leave widget but for company-wide data instead.

Try HR Planner’s customisable dashboard today with a free 14 day trial. For more information on the latest features, call our expert team on 01252 63 60 70 or email support@hrplanner.uk.